4th-6th June 2010
Photo+Art Book Hamburg

Photo+Art Book Hamburg

The focus of the Photo+Art Book Hamburg 2011 is the printed publication as an autonomous form of artistic expression. The fair offers many exciting booths of publishers, photographers and book artists, magazine and zine makers, including exhibitions, workshops, lectures, book signings, talks and a symposium.


Deichtorhallen Hamburg


Germany, the land where the printing press was invented, looks back on a long tradition of important books. In particular, the art book market gets also currently important impetus from Germany, as from gallery owners, publishers, collectors and museums. The art market has changed in recent years, which directly impacts the perception of photo- and art books.


Photo- and artbooks are no longer just reference instruments for collectors - they have become independents and prestigious forms of art theirself. Furthermore the preferred publishing instrument of artists has moved on from the classic exhibition to printed publications. The fact that the art book can “travel” and therefore reach a much broader target audience beyond the art business is a clear advantage. Its enormous popularity seems to be unstoppable and that is almost surely due to the fact that photo and art books are not solely the subject matter of a few experts, but of a broader audience too. Secluded from the booming market of original copies the photo and art book managed to establish a status of serious and independent form of expression.


The printed book offers room for a whole series which evolves a shape that matches the content through layout and amenities. Compared to single copies, editions and artist books the art book has a slightly higher but not any desired circulation and is therefore a relatively cheap, in a way democratic tool to deal with artistic photography.


„Art shows come and go, but books stay around for years. They are works themselves, not reproductions of works. Books are the best medium of works. Books are the best medium for many artists working today.“ Sol LeWitt


The Photo+Art Book Hamburg is intended to be a platform for experts, photographers, artists, printers, book and art lovers as well as the interested laity.